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Selected Publications using Genemed’s LipoGene™ Transfection Reagent Publications Link to the article Products/Services X. Ma, ‘Hippo Signaling Promotes Jnk-Dependent Cell Migration’, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114 (2017), 1934-39. LipoGene™ Transfection Reagent Y. Li, ‘A Novel Epigenetic Aml1-Eto/Thap10/Mir-383 Mini-Circuitry Contributes to T(8;21) Leukaemogenesis’, EMBO Mol Med, 9 (2017), 933-49. […]

Lipogene™ Transfection reagent FAQs

Q1. Are cell density (% confluence) and passage number important considerations for transfection? A: Yes, cell density is an important parameter in influencing transfection efficiency. If the seeding density is too low, some cytotoxicity may be observed. If the cell density is high, lower than expected transfection efficiency may be observed. Both issues may be […]