TPRA1: Target/Biomarker Introduction, products summarized (antibody/ADC/bispecific/antigen/ORF vector/VLP) and disease/indication/condition/MOA for drug discovery and IVD

It’s the GeneMedi’s summary page for Target/Biomarker Introduction of TPRA1. The page also collects GeneMedi’s different modalities and formats products for TPRA1 in therapeutics/drug discovery and IVD diagnostics, which is including antibody, ADC, bispecific, antigen, ORF vector, VLP, etc. With GeneMedi’s target-insight database-GM ITD database, the TPRA1 target is also connected to human indications/diseases/conditions/MOA.

Target sublocation: Transmembrane Protein.

Predicted to enable G protein-coupled receptor activity. Predicted to be involved in G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathway. Predicted to act upstream of or within embryonic cleavage and negative regulation of mitotic cell cycle phase transition. Predicted to be integral component of membrane. Predicted to be active in plasma membrane. [provided by Alliance of Genome Resources, Apr 2022]

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GPR175, TMEM227, TPRA40

Protein Sub-location

Transmembrane Protein


Anti-TPRA1/ GPR175/ TMEM227 antibody for FACS & in-vivo assay| GMab

Pre-made anti-TPRA1 benchmark inhibitory monoclonal antibody(mab, blocking antibody inhibitor) is expressed by mammalian cell line as a benchmark antibody for cell culture, FACS, ELISA or other affinity binding assay or functional assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic). The anti-TPRA1 mab is expressed and produced by mammalian cell line as a benchmark reference therapeutic antibody for biological drug discovery items including cell culture, assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic) and mechanism of action (MOA) research.

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Anti-TPRA1 monoclonal antibody
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