Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Introduction to Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Site-Directed mutation is one of the most important techniques used in protein engineering, which can make specific and intentional changes to the DNA sequence of a gene and any gene products. It can be used to elucidate the mechanism of gene regulation and study the relationship between protein structure and functional site-directed mutation. In order to maintain the integrity of original sequences, the efficiency of your experiment can be increased by providing a single base or multiple bases in your mutant template plasmid, including deletions, insertions, and site mutations. Our company provides you high quality mutant products in the shortest time.


Products delivered by Gene synthesis services
Product composition1. Plasmid: 2-5µg High-purity lyophilized plasmid DNA containing your intended synthetic construct
2. Sequencing results: Electronic version abi, seq file.
3. Gene Synthesis Report sheet: Electronic PDF file.
Form4 µg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert;
Sequence chromatograms covering your gene;
Construct map for the plasmid;
Instructions for use and Storage1. According to your experiment requirements plasmid is dissolved in ddH2O with the appropriate concentration.
2. Plasmid can be quantitatively dissolved and preserved at -20℃.
3. Sequencing results: Use Seqman to compare your target sequence with the sequencing results.


1. Short TAT: common sequence can be delivered to you within 5 working days;

2. Vast operating region: if the distance between two point mutations is <30bp, we deal it as one;

3. High quality: we has rich experiences in solving kinds of repetitive sequences, including hairpin structure, high GC, poly structure and other complex sequences perfectly;

4. Mutations on Large DNA Constructs: Our technology is optimized to introduce point mutations, insertion mutations, and deletion mutations on constructs as large as 12 kb (including target gene and its vector);

5. One-stop solutions: We offer comprehensive upstream and downstream services, including template DNA sequencing, de novo gene synthesis, Express Cloning into free expression vectors, customized vector construction, and protein expression and purification;

6. Most Competitive Prices starting at $66/mutant.