ESRRA: Target/Biomarker Introduction, products summarized (antibody/ADC/bispecific/antigen/ORF vector/VLP) and disease/indication/condition/MOA for drug discovery and IVD

It’s the GeneMedi’s summary page for Target/Biomarker Introduction of ESRRA. The page also collects GeneMedi’s different modalities and formats products for ESRRA in therapeutics/drug discovery and IVD diagnostics, which is including antibody, ADC, bispecific, antigen, ORF vector, VLP, etc. With GeneMedi’s target-insight database-GM ITD database, the ESRRA target is also connected to human indications/diseases/conditions/MOA.

Target sublocation: Introcelluar Protein.

The protein encoded by this gene is a nuclear receptor that is most closely related to the estrogen receptor. This protein acts as a site-specific transcription factor and interacts with members of the PGC-1 family of transcription cofactors to regulate the expression of most genes involved in cellular energy production as well as in the process of mitochondrial biogenesis. A processed pseudogene of ESRRA is located on chromosome 13q12.1. [provided by RefSeq, Jun 2019]

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ERR1, ERRa, ERRalpha, ESRL1, NR3B1

Protein Sub-location

Introcelluar Protein


Therapeutics Target

Pre-made anti-ESRRA monoclonal antibody(mab)-benchmark antibody for ELISA, affinity binding assay, drug discovery and mechanism of action (MOA) research.

Pre-made anti-ESRRA monoclonal antibody(mab) is expressed by mammalian cell line as a benchmark antibody for cell culture, ELISA or other affinity binding assay or functional assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic). The anti-ESRRA mab is expressed and produced by mammalian cell line as a benchmark reference therapeutic antibody for biological drug discovery items including cell culture, assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic) and mechanism of action (MOA) research.

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Anti-ESRRA monoclonal antibody
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