Gene Synthesis and CDNA(ORF) cloning


Introduction to Gene Synthesis and CDNA(ORF) cloning

Gene synthesis is a synthetic biological technique, which is the most widely used in biological research. The synthesis of DNA encoding regulatory elements, genes, pathways and entire genomes provides us powerful ways for both test biological hypotheses and harness biology. The emerging field of synthetic biology is generating insatiable demands for synthetic genes. Our company offers you high quality gene synthesis service, and can help you from the planning stage to experimentation.

Ordering Process:
1. Sending gene sequence and requirements to [email protected].
2. A technical expert will analyze your target sequence and provides a detailed proposal, including sequence design, time line and final cost.
3. Your review and approval of the experimental proposal.
4. Production starts immediately, weekly production report.
5. Delivery, you will receive:
a) The overall report of gene synthesis
b) 4 µg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert
c) Sequence chromatograms covering your gene
d) Construct map for the plasmid


Products delivered by Gene synthesis services
Product composition 1.Plasmid: 2-5µg High-purity lyophilized plasmid DNA containing your intended synthetic construct
2.Sequencing results: Electronic version abi, seq file.
Gene Synthesis Report sheet: Electronic PDF file and paper version A4 paper
Form 4 µg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert;
Sequence chromatograms covering your gene;
Construct map for the plasmid;
Instructions for use and Storage 1.According to your experiment requirements plasmid is dissolved in ddH2O with the appropriate concentration.
Plasmid can be quantitatively dissolved and preserve at -20℃.
Sequencing results: Use Seqman to compare your target sequence with the sequencing results.


1. Reliable: 1.skillful staffs with more than 10years experiences.

2. Low Cost: competitive 0.2$ /bp for long genes.

3. Guaranteed sequence: 3.cutting-edge gene synthesis platform ensures mutation-free DNA synthesis, for any length and any complexity.

4. Free additional services: vector designs, codon optimizations, gene cloning solutions, anything that helps you to finish experiments.

5. Various vectors: providing vector choices, no more secondary cloning.

6. Easy online ordering: getting a quote now.