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Immunoglobulin Fc receptor recombinant protein for antibody Fc&Fc Receptor binding affinity assay (Competitive ELISA immunoassay, SRP assay or BLI assay) to evaluate functional ADCC, ADCP, Fc Receptor blocking, and Fc receptor phagocytosis

Full product list of Fc receptor (FcR) and immunoglobulin GeneMedi provides various Fc receptor (FcR), including FcγRI (CD64), FcγRIIA (CD32a), FcγRIIB (CD32b), FcγRIIC (CD32c), FcγRIIIA (CD16a), FcγRIIIB (CD16b), FcγRIII(CD16), FcγRIV, FcRn, TRIM21, FcRL1, FcRL4, FcRL5, FcαRI (CD89), PolyIgR, Fcα/uR (CD351), FcuR, FcεRI, FcεRII (CD23) in human, Cynomolgus/ Rhesus macaque, or mouse. Historically, these receptors have […]