Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) CAG Expression Vector (AAV CAG expression plasmid) | Reporters Optional: GFP, zsgreen, RFP, mcherry or luciferase

AAV CAG Expression Vector - Introduction

GeneMedi’s AAV CAG expression vector is inserted with a promoter for The CMV early enhancer/chicken beta actin (CAG) to drive gene overexpression. You can contact Genemedi for your unique reporter including GFP,zsgreen,RFP,mcherry,or luciferase.

The CAG promoter is a strong protomer driven broad expression in most tissues.

You can produce AAV paticle in 293T cell line in high titer using GeneMedi’s AAV expression vector (overexpression, shRNA or Crispr-cas9-gRNA) with GeneMedi’s serotypes-specific AAV Rep-Cap plasmids and AAV helper plasmid.