For Diagnostics Solution

GDU helps global diagnostic partners in high quality of raw material discovery, development, and application. GDU believes in Protein&antibody Innovation for more reliable diagnostic solutions.

For Biologics Solution

GTU empowers self-capabilities for application development to develop more powerful products and solutions to meet the needs of the biologics industry.

For Gene Therapy Solution

GTU & G-NEXT combine the novel AAV rational design, smart discovery and State-of-the-Art manufacturing to meet the industrial unmet for next generation of gene therapy.

Diagnostics Raw Material (GDU-M)

Pre-made and custom-made recombinant proteins (Antibodies, Enzymes, Membrane protein,
Factors and other antigens) for drug discovery and diagnostics ingredients, high quality, bulk in stock.

Biologics Products & Service

Membrane Protein & antibodies artificail design, discovery and State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Therapeutics Target-specific Antibodies
Wholebody, SdAb, ADC, Bispecific
Cell culture
Including Cytokines
Biologics Assay Development
FcR, anti-MMAE, etc

How to get humanized monoclonal antibody in 1 month?

A unique big-data-driven mature antibody humanization technology to balance high affinity with low immunogenicity for your parental antibodies.

Gene Therapy Products & service

High quality, scalable, State-of-the-Art Manufacturing in gene therapy vectors including adenoassociated virus (AAV) vector, lentivirus vector and adenovirus vector.

Adeno-associated virus